Winner of an Outstanding Energy-Efficiency Solution for Residential Buildings in Central Bohemia prize in the 2019 Building of the Year competition. Designed by architects Michal Kunc of Kunc Architects and Alžběta Vrabcová of DMAE.

A massive black structure combined with a light glass block give the house a unique, dynamic character. The garden, which seems to flow freely in and out of the living room in the main part of the T-shaped structure, provides privacy and intimacy. The private rooms are further shielded from the street by sliding metallic dividers. The interior is finished in white, skim coats and laminate panelling with a woody décor that create a soft, compact and cosy ambient. The house boasts a very high technical standard: air recuperation with its own reversible heat pump, an independent heat pump for heating, solar panels providing energy for recharging batteries, including an electric car. The house is equipped with a smart house system by Inell. Project implementation: 2017–2019.